wedding seating plan

The Seating Plan Made Easy

Lord knows this can be one of the most challenging parts of the wedding planning process. It’s time consuming and involves constant amending.

To make the process quick and easy, we suggest the following:

❤ Use paper plates and slim coloured post-it notes to assign your tables. Use one colour of post-it notes for the groom’s family, a different colour for the bride’s family, and a different colour for friends. This will make it super easy to see where the open seats are located when you need to move people around.

❤ Start assigning seats as the RSVP cards are returned.

❤ Remember mothers, fathers, and grandparents should be seated closest to the head table.


Lets face it, having to go onto a computer seating plan program, re-type names and print another copy is a hassle. That’s why post-it notes and paper plates are fast becoming a brides best friend. This idea is fabulous for the visual couple, but admittedly not ideal if your having over 100 guests, as you may become post-it mad.

{Images: Post-it notes; Seating chart}

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