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The Wedding Bouquet

Just like there are plenty of beautiful wedding flowers to choose from, so are there different types of wedding bouquets.

Read on for some wedding inspiration and to know all about the six kinds of wedding bouquets. How will you know what suits you best? Remember to take into consideration your dress, your body shape and size, and of course, your wedding theme. If you’re tall, don’t get a tiny bouquet that will get lost in your wedding dress; and if you’re short, don’t get a large bouquet that will overwhelm your size.


1 – Posy bouquet

This classic style is small and round, usually made with smaller flowers that are either tied or wired together. If you want a simple bouquet that will complement, not compete, with your wedding dress, then this is the bouquet for you.

2 – Teardrop bouquet

This is a posy bouquet that has a trail of flowers creating a teardrop shape, with the trail no more than 35cm.

3 – Cascade bouquet

A less structured teardrop bouquet, the cascade is a lot longer and has multiple trails cascading from the top. This is perfect for garden and beach weddings and is usually made with lilies or orchids.

4 – Princess bouquet

For the fairytale princess bride. It is a larger and wider cascade bouquet, with many trails of flowers.

5 – Trail Bouquet

Almost the same size as the princess bouquet, except the only trail is made up of foliage. Extra flowers can be placed throughout the trail, making it less expensive than the princess bouquet. This is fantastic for outdoor weddings.

6 – Arm spray

A casual bouquet style, it is made up of long-stemmed flowers. The length of the bouquet can be toned down with foliage. This is great for brides looking for something more remarkable than the posy.

{Posy bouquet via Silk Wedding Designs; teardrop and arm spray bouquets via Florabella Design; cascade bouquet via Ali Eli Florals; princess bouquet via Flowers for Royal Weddings; trail bouquet via Noosa Flowers}

Emici Bridal Crush

Colour up your wedding with these long life wedding flowers.

This gorgeous fuchsia and orange crush bouquet is full of wonderful details that make us smile.

The bouquet is handmade from dupioni silk with silver tone set rhinestone centers and is utterly perfect.


We also adore this Catala Bloon Bridal Bouquet.


These super pretty keepsakes can be purchased over at Emici Bridal.

Vintage Brooch Bouquets

We love these whimsical vintage brooch bouquets, created by Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs.

Amanda can personalise the bouquet and include family brooches or pretty items you pick up at the markets. She’s a creative genius, if you ask us.

For more details on these creative bouquets, click here.




{Images via The Wedding Chicks}

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