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M. Robin Cakes

M. Robin Cakes you had me at hello. Never mind that you’re located in Portland, Oregon – I still love every thing about you.

Marcella Robin is the owner and pastry chef at M. Robin Cakes and currently focuses on entremet wedding cakes {typically a multi-layered mousse-based cake}. These specialty cakes include layers of delicious mousse, bavaroise, dacquoise, sponge cake, caramels, fruit and other fillings.

Marcella combines this love of entremet cake making with her love for art, which results in stunning cakes that push the envelope. The cakes are creative, bold, modern, sophisticated and oh-so-interesting.

We just love Marcella’s bold designs and that super enticing outer layer of decorative sponge cake!

Speed racer wedding cake…



Oregon is for lovers wedding cake…


Is it midnight yet wedding cake…


Pink stripe wedding cake…


Vintage wedding cake…


{Images via M. Robin Cakes}

The Homemade Wedding Cake

Who says that wedding cakes have to be elaborate? Project Wedding show that a simple homemade wedding cake can be just as gorgeous and just as tasty.

This little beauty was made with classic buttercream frosting and a pair of darling paper rosettes in lieu of a cake topper. Gorgeous simplicity.

Here’s our favourite way to make thick delicious buttercream frosting:

1/2 cup butter, softened, or shortening if you prefer

2 tbsp milk, preferred 2% or whole but skim will also work

1 tsp vanilla

2 cups powdered sugar

Beat with mixer until combined. Add milk *by the drop* if too thick. Add sugar by the 1/4 cup if too thin but not more than 1 cup or you’ll have to start all over again. If you like you can add a 1 tbsp powdered egg white for a more durable consistency.

Note you need to be careful when measuring the milk because even a 1/2 tbsp more and you’ll be having to add sugar to thicken it up again, which will result in the icing being overly sweet.



{Images via Project Wedding}

Homemade Chocolate And Lemon Wedding Cake

We’re all about the homemade wedding cakes this week. Today, yet another homemade wedding cake caught our attention. This time it was a fig wedding cake spotted over at The Kitchen.

This delightful 4 tier chocolate and lemon wedding cake is easy to make with no fussy fussy decorations other than a couple of figs.

To view the full tutorial scoot over to The Kitchen.




{Images via The Kitchen}

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