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Marry Me Microsoft Challenge

Can Mike organise his entire wedding in just one week while locked away in a Bachelor Bubble? The verdict from the One Stylish Bride team is YES!

It’s currently day 4 of the “Marry Me Microsoft” challenge and today we entered the bubble to give Mike a few pointers. Not only did we give him a few pointers, but we also got to see his progress and the front running wedding dress. The front runner and all the details are looking sensational. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing wedding, fit for a princess called Jenny. Lucky girl.


One Man. One PC. One Week To Plan A Wedding

A groom planning an entire wedding, sounds mighty risky. But one daring bride, Jenny, is taking that risk. She is allowing her groom, Mike, to organise their entire wedding. Meanwhile she’ll be on holiday at a beach-side location.

How did she get herself entangled in such a fiasco? Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 were the culprits. They recently ran a competition duped “Marry Me Microsoft” with an irresistible price of $20,000 AUD towards your wedding plus $5000 AUD towards your honeymoon. The catch, only the groom could be involved in planning the entire wedding. To make matters worse he would only have five days {6th -10th December} to plan the entire event using only a Windows 7 PC and a copy of Office 2010. As if that were not challenging enough, he’ll also have to live in a glass bubble at Customs House in Sydney.

This whole competition puts a big smile on our faces and we’re thrilled that we’ve been asked to be the only person to enter the bubble on Thursday 9th December to give Mike some expert wedding advice.

If you’re in Sydney and around town on Thursday 9th December, come down and say hi, we’d love to see your pretty faces. We’ll be there nice and early, at 9am.

Here’s the bubble in the making.


{Image via Windows Australia}

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