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Wedding Inspiration…

Wedding inspiration…

Hello my lovelies! Check out our new One Stylish Bride commercial. My favorite element of the commercial is the inclusion of so many stunning real weddings, all of which have been previously featured on OSB. What do you think? Love or hate? Too many questions….maybe! But it was my first time writing a commercial, so I’m cutting myself some slack. Hope you enjoyed it…there are more to come!

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NYC Style First Dance

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This wedding first dance goes beyond what we’ve ever seen. We’d even go as far as to say that it’s the ultimate wedding dance video. Big call, we know. But, it’s just so elaborate.

The Wedding Singer

Should a bride or groom sing at their wedding? The office consensus is in and we think it’s a grey area. It’s definitely a little cheesy, but could be amazing if the bride or groom is a fabulous singer. On the other hand, it could be a disaster and majorly embarrassing if the bride or groom can’t hold a tune.

That said, we think it’s fair to say that this groom is amazing. We love his wedding speech done completely in song. Classic.

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