diy wedding cake stand

Pretty DIY Wedding Cake Stand

What’s the point of having a gorgeous wedding cake if it’s going to be displayed on an average cake stand or worse still an ugly one. The cake stand should complement the wedding cake, and now there’s no excuses with this easy to follow DIY cake stand tutorial, created by the fabulous Jennie of A Well Crafted Party for Eat • Drink • Pretty.


You’ll need 1 plate, 1 candlestick, epoxy {or super glue}, 1 heavy book, 1 can of spray paint, and a sheet of paper to protect surfaces while spray painting.


1. Pick a white plate and a candlestick {make sure the candlestick is the height you desire for the finished product}.

2. Use epoxy to glue your candlestick to the bottom of the plate. Make sure not to move the stand after doing this.

3. Place a heavy book on top of the stand and let the epoxy set as per the epoxy directions. After the epoxy has set you should be able to pick up the stand without the plate or candlestick moving.

4. Place the stand upside down on a sheet of paper and spray the entire outer surface according to the directions on the spray paint can. Do not spray paint the top side of the plate, otherwise it will not be food friendly. Note that you may require a couple of layers of paint, so plan to make the stand at least a day in advance.

After the stand has dried, wash the top of the plate with dish soap and water so that the stand is food friendly.

{Tutorial by Jennie of A Well Crafted Party}

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