diy centerpieces

Rustic DIY Centerpieces

Today, we’re talking hammered cans and rustic DIY centerpieces. This DIY project is seriously fun and one of the simplest too. It only took us 40 minutes to complete.


Here’s What You’ll Need



Acrylic Paint or House Paint {we used acrylic paint}

Paint Blush

Flowers {we used faux pas flowers}

Floral foams



Start by hammering your cans on a protected and sturdy surface.


Next, pick your colours and give your cans a few coats of paint. Dry cans upside down.


Then trim floral foams to size, so they fit snugly into your cans.

If using faux pas flowers, trim the flower stems to size and arrange trimmed flowers in cans, poking stems into the foam.


If using fresh flowers, you’ll need to poke holes in the top of the floral foams and soak them in water. Place the floral foams in a bowl of water and tape down so they don’t float up. Make sure water gets into the holes you poked. Allow the foam to soak for approximately an hour. Then arrange trimmed flowers in your cans, poking stems into the foam. Note that the more water the foam absorbs, the longer the flowers will last.




This is a simple DIY wedding idea, but one that has lots of bang for little buck. Plus it puts a new and pretty spin on recycling.

{Project adapted from Family Chic}

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