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Diamond in the Rough

If you haven’t heard about Diamond in the Rough, we suggest you brace yourself, as you may start to hyperventilate with excitement over their super clever idea.

What was their idea you ask? They re-introduced the historical idea of using rough diamonds in fine jewellery and engagement rings.

We love that this company is redefining current perceptions of diamond jewellery and that this rediscovered idea has seriously taken off. Diamond in the Rough are now the world’s leading natural, rough diamond jewellery brand, which is sold all over the world and adored by celebrities.

We also love that they’ve developed a bridal collection including unique rough diamond engagement rings, coloured rough diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Each piece is truly unique and the answer for any women that yearns to stand out from the crowd.


Here’s what the bride-to-be will love: When it comes to diamond selection, Diamond in the Rough only accept the best diamonds. They source the majority of their one-of-a-kind, conflict-free diamonds from South Africa, Russia and Australia. They also source an enormous amount of rough diamonds, but only accept one to three percent of the diamonds they evaluate, “We examine thousands of rough diamonds to find a handful that meet our standards without cutting or polishing. Although many diamonds can look beautiful once cut, they lack the intrinsic artistic integrity all ‘Diamond in the Rough’ stones possess.”

Once a diamond has been selected their jeweller and designers draw inspiration from the diamond itself, and carefully develop a design that will best showcase the natural beauty of that specific diamond. It doesn’t get more customized then that, does it?

As for the value of the diamond, we’re told, “Polished diamonds are valuable because the rough diamond was precious to begin with and, contrary to popular belief, cutting and polishing a diamond adds only a small fraction to its overall value. Because ‘Diamond in the Rough’ selects diamonds that are already naturally perfect, traditional processing is unnecessary which means not even a single ounce of their amazing appearance has to be sacrificed. Traditional processing takes away the original, unique characters of the natural raw diamond; keeping the original diamond is our goal and bringing the natural beauty of a diamond to life is ‘Diamond in the Rough’s’ mission!”

The bridal collection includes rough diamond engagement rings to suit any style, whether you’re looking for a classic design or a more edgy design. Here’s a few of our favourites.













To view the full bridal collection, head over to Diamond in the Rough. The full collection is available exclusively through their website.

EraGem Estate Jewelry

Finally a company that sells stunning vintage engagement rings and eco-friendly engagement rings at affordable prices.

We love vintage engagement rings and have recently become beyond smitten with EraGem Estate Jewelry, which has the most divine selection of estate jewelry that we’ve ever seen {jewellery for Australian brides}.

All of their estate pieces are selected for their beauty and quality which explains why we found ourselves looking at the jewellery for hours. Besides their estate jewellery being truly mesmerizing, it’s also environmentally friendly which we love. It’s eco-friendly because the jewellery has been previously owned!

Weston Fine Jewelry has a bricks and mortar store located in the Greater Seattle Area in Downtown Bellevue WA, but luckily for Australian brides they also have an online store which offers free shipping and a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for any reason.



The below Eco-friendly Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo Accents in Solid 18K White Gold is our favourite.


Vintage Engagement Rings:

1. Old European Cut Diamond Three Stone Solid Platinum-$3,399.00

2. Old European Cut Diamond Solid 14k Gold-$289.00

3. Conflict Free Old European Cut Diamond Halo in Solid Platinum-$19,999.00

4. Vintage Engagement Ring 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Solid 14K Gold-$7,999.00

5. Antique Engagement Ring Diamond Solitaire w/Accents Solid 14K Gold-$579.00

6. Blue Sapphire & GIA Cert Diamond Engagement Ring Solid Platinum-$7,999.00

7. Transitional Cut Diamond & Lab Blue Sapphires Solid 18k White Gold-$1,999.00

8. Eco-friendly Vintage Engagement Ring Diamond w/Accents Solid 14K White Gold-$699.00

9. GIA Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Solid Platinum-$17,999.00

10. Art Deco Antique Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphire Ring Solid 18K White Gold-$829.00

11. Transitional Cut Diamond Solitaire Solid 18K White Gold Filigree-$1,399.00

12. Tiffany & Co Flower Engagement Ring Blue Sapphire Diamond Solid Platinum-$1,999.00

13. Art Deco Antique Ring Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphire Solid 18K White Gold-$2,299.00

14. Eco-friendly Green Engagement Ring Diamond w/Halo Accents Solid 18K White Gold-$3,199.00

Weston Fine Jewelry have so many stunning pieces, click here to check out their full collection.

{All images via Weston Fine Jewelry and in USD – note that these photos are of the actual items being offered for sale}

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