Elephant Dung Invitations

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say “elephant dung paper”? We bet it’s not “wedding invitations”! Well strangely enough for us it is, thanks to Import Ants. Import Ants are actually bringing to Australia high quality handmade eco-friendly elephant dung paper and paper products manufactured by Maximus under the peace paper plan.

Okay…so natuarally the next question is “will these wedding invitations stink”? Surprisingly no. To make the paper, the dung is sun dried and then boiled in a pressurised boiler at 120° to kill any bacteria. Then it is mixed to form a pulp and dyed using salt dyes, before it is put into a mould and submerged in water. When lifted from the mould the paper is put into a press that squeezes the water out and the sheet of paper is then dried naturally in the shade. No trees, chemicals or acids are used in its production.

Seriously though, the best part about purchasing these wedding invitations is that you help the environment by saving trees and you also contribute to the care of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant. A percentage of sale proceeds go to the elephant orphanage, Millennium Elephant Foundation, which is affiliated with the World Society for the Protection of Animals.



{Above wedding invitation images via Import Ants}

  1. Jessica says:

    All I can say is…WOW.

  2. Verrrry interesting to say the least. The invitations are beautiful…I wonder can dog poop be used instead…lol

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