Wedding Puzzle

There’s no need to be puzzled about your wedding guestbook anymore, because we’ve found the cutest guestbook wedding idea ever, the jigsaw puzzle guestbook!


These Custom-made wooden guestbook puzzles are personalized with names, figures, and dates. We love that this guestbook provides a fun activity for wedding guests {they get to write messages on puzzle pieces} and that it also doubles as a sentimental piece of art. Best part of all, these guestbook puzzles are super durable and will last as a family heirloom that can passed down from generation to generation.

These fun guestbook puzzles can be purchased via Bella Puzzles.

{Photos via Bella Puzzles}

  1. Rose says:

    What are really unusual idea! It looks so fab – thanks for sharing!

  2. Alex says:

    We did ours online with a company called I used them mainly in the beginning because their puzzlemaker was easy to use and they delivered worldwide and also because they had an offer going on at the time. I was impressed with the quality that they came in and the funny thing was that the box that it came in was personalized with my photo as well so I’ve been telling friends and colleagues at work about them too. The link to their puzzle page is at:

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