Marry Me Microsoft Challenge

Can Mike organise his entire wedding in just one week while locked away in a Bachelor Bubble? The verdict from the One Stylish Bride team is YES!

It’s currently day 4 of the “Marry Me Microsoft” challenge and today we entered the bubble to give Mike a few pointers. Not only did we give him a few pointers, but we also got to see his progress and the front running wedding dress. The front runner and all the details are looking sensational. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing wedding, fit for a princess called Jenny. Lucky girl.


  1. Steve Elmer says:

    Teach Mike the way Marcela 🙂 Awesome.

  2. Alf says:

    Sensational work. Well done!!!

  3. Marcela says:

    Hi Gwenda, Mike’s 5 days are now up and his finally out of the bubble. The wedding will be in 2 weeks and it looks like he’ll be implementing some of our sugesstions i.e. photo booth and others which we’ll leave as a surprise for Jenny. To stay updated on his progress head over to Windows Australia. x

  4. Gwenda says:

    Thank you Marcela. The photo booth idea is AWESOME!! Jenny must be soooo excited now.

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