Faux Flowers No Longer A Faux Pas

Though opting for silk was previously considered a social flower faux pas, silk wedding flowers are quickly becoming a top choice for brides to be.

With today’s wedding budget guidelines estimating to spend between 5% and 10% of your total budget on floral decor, this means that if you are planning a $20,000 wedding, by standard you should allocate between $1,000 and $2,000 for your flowers. Not cheap.

On the flip side, silk flowers can be a lot more affordable. Plus a major advantage to choosing silk flowers is that unlike their real counterparts, silk arrangements can be made weeks in advance and they will still look just as good as the day you purchased them. Another important thought to consider is that fake flowers will not aggravate the potential allergies of your guests. Finally, real flowers are delicate and wilt very quickly. By opting for silk wedding flowers, you will ensure that your flowers can deal with any weather on your special day.

Here’s some of our favourite silk flower bridal bouquets.



{Main Photo, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right}

Here’s some of our favourite silk flower reception centerpieces.

silk-wedding-flowers silk-wedding-centerpieces

{Main Photo, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right, All bottom photos}

Don’t forget the Moms and the Men – here’s some of our favourite silk flower boutonnieres and silk flower corsages.



{Top Main Photo, Top Right, Top Center, Top BottomAll bottom photos}

Couples everywhere are choosing silk for a wide variety of reasons – perhaps they are unable to find their favorite flower due to the season, they are looking for a way to trim their budget, or they want to keep their flowers as a memento of their special day. Whatever your reason for considering silk flowers, remember to choose quality over quantity.

  1. Luna says:

    I had silk flowers for my wedding, and I LOVED them! Not only do I still have them as a “souvenir” from my wedding three years ago, I could have them matched exactly to the bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmens neckties. Lovely idea!

  2. Kymberly says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am currently planning my wedding and silk flowers are for sure a ‘go’ in my book! I agree that they are a special souvenir and to be quite honest, some of the most beautiful flowers I have seen have been the ‘fakies’ at the craft store!

  3. nikita says:

    You can get beautiful silk flowers from these guys….www.etsy.com/shop/flowersbythevase

  4. nikita says:

    I love silk flowers. They did a beautiful job with my bouquets. So real looking my family and friends where even smelling them. LOL.

  5. Wow! Silk flowers look so real, and beautiful!

  6. MairzyDozy says:

    Another great thing about silk flowers is that you can find most varieties year-round! Anemones in November and Tulips in August. Thanks for the great article, and thank you for featuring one of our silk wedding bouquets! You have a terrific blog.

  7. Michele says:

    You couldn’t have said it better. I have been a Floral Designer for many years, and todays silks are so realistic and are in wonderful taste! Thank you for featuring my bouquets, I love Afloral!

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