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Vintage wedding sign ideas for the DIY bride…







I’m currently giddy over recycled wooden wedding signs; they just seem to add so much ambience to wedding decor. They’re also relatively easy to DIY and should only take a couple of hours to make, if that!

Simply find a font and font size on your computer which you fancy {and that will fit on your piece of wood}. Then type your sign message into a Word document and print it out {ie. Welcome}.

With scissors cut out the “Welcome” so that you end up with a paper with a “hole” that says “Welcome”.

Place your paper on top of your wood {attach with sticky tape} and trace the inside of the “Welcome” onto the wood with a pencil. When you remove the paper you should be able to see the word “Welcome” on the wood, which is now ready be to filled in with paint.

Ideally use a small paint brush to paint the text, this will make the whole process a lot easier. Then when the paint is dry, cut your piece of wood to size and hang it up!

Alternatively, for a more rustic look and quicker wedding signs alternative, you can always freestyle the writing/painting on the wood. And there you have it…just like that you’ve created some serious wedding cuteness!

You’ll need the following:

– Paint, a peice of wood, scissors, pencil, and a small paint brush

{Above images: 0 via Vintage Signs;1 2 3 4 via Oh Dier; 5 via Stacey Kane}

  1. I came to you through twitter. Wow, your blog is filled with gorgeous photos and neat ideas! I really enjoyed seeing your photos and I started from the most recent till this post. I look forward to keeping up with your posts!! Kaho

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