DIY Rustic Bouquet

If you love country and rustic styling, we’re pretty sure you’ll love this DIY rustic bouquet tutorial. We put this charming DIY tutorial together with a few simple supplies and about 10 minutes of our time. Not bad, hey?


What You’ll Need


Dried Lavender

Dried Millet

Brown Paper Raffia Ribbon or Twine

Zip Ties




Start by cutting the wheat, dried lavender and dried millet to your desired length. There isn’t a certain length that the stems must be, but you should be able to comfortably hold the bouquet in your arms.


Next, hold the wheat bunch in one hand and pull the inner wheat stems higher then the rest of the bunch, so that the centre stands a little taller. Then take your dried millet and one-by-one place them around the wheat bouquet. Then take your dried lavender and place it around the bouquet, starting at the base of the wheat grains.


Then secure tightly the base of the bouquet with a zip tie.


Finally take some brown paper raffia ribbon or twine and wrap it several times around the zip tie, end with a bow.






This DIY rustic bouquet is wonderfully quick to make, can be made in advance, and is totally real and natural. Don’t forget to consider other mega impressive fillers like lotus pods, poppy seed pods, dried thistles, and dried grasses.

{Project by One Stylish Bride}

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