Decorate your Wedding with Mason Jars

We can certainly see why so many brides are choosing to include Mason jars in their DIY weddings! These adorable bottles have been used as canning containers for many generations and are such a fabulous way to add an instant vintage vibe to a wedding – they’re readily available, inexpensive, and incredibly useful!

Here are five simple wedding reception ideas to incorporate Mason jars into your big day:

1. Jar your cake and eat it, too!


Mason jars make awesome wedding favor holders. Whip up your favorite cake batter and pour them into small Mason jars. Bake as usual, frost, pack on the lids, and voila—cupcakes in a bottle! Or assemble parfaits like the ones pictured above. If you’re more of a candy person, buy them in bulk and place in Mason jars. Whatever your preference, don’t forget the little touches that count—stickers, ribbons, pieces of fabric or buttons, maybe even spoons attached to the jars, and anything else that will tie the jarred favors to your wedding theme.

2. Bottoms up


Pass up on the old punch bowl and cups, and use Mason jars instead as containers for your beverages. Use the half-gallon-size jars like punch bowls and the cup-size ones as drinking glasses. You can either serve the drinks without lids, or punch a hole in the middle of the lids in advance and slide pretty straws in them. If you choose to go lidless, remember that you can still pack a punch by adding things like decorative-edge ribbons and fruit slices for garnish.

3. Fresh as a daisy


This is really easy—get a whole bunch of flowers, cut the stems to size, and place them in Mason jars. Remember to add water almost halfway up the jars. The key here is to keep the flower arrangement simple. No complicated designs, please. We want a homey, just-thrown-in-together feel, not something that was worked on for hours on end. Not to say that you can’t combine different flowers and colors, but keeping everything simple brings out the charm of the flowers together with the Mason jars.

4. Light and love


Add some twinkly love to your wedding by turning Mason jars into elegant outdoor lanterns. Again, with mason jars, there are several ways to do this: buy inexpensive solar garden lamps (these usually retail at a few dollars for a pack of lamps), take them apart, and put what you see inside into the mason jar. Paint the jars with frosting spray so that the light glows softly from within.  Another option is to attach lighting cord sets to the Mason jar lids and install light bulbs inside. The last—and easiest—method is to weigh down the jars with a bit of sand or pebbles and place tea lights or votives inside. Tie some heavy-gauge wire around the mouth of the jars so you can hang them from a tree. You can use all of Mason jar lamps individually in strategic places throughout your venue or group them together into chandeliers.

5. What’s that number again?


Mason jars also make excellent table number centerpieces. Draw your shape of choice onto a piece of cardboard, number the shapes, cut, and attach to the jars with string or ribbon. Or using an image-editing program on your computer, print appropriate-size numbers with a cute font and glue onto cardboard and place them inside the Mason jars. Finally, fill the jars with beans, coffee, seashells, or whatever strikes your fancy.

{Parfaits via Sweet & Saucy Shop; sangria via Laina Christine’s Blog; flowers via Backyard Bride; candles via Budget Wise Home; table numbers via Morgann Hill Designs}

  1. Robyn Hampton says:

    Hi!! I love these ideas for Mason Jars. My wedding is entirely centered on mason jars and I was hoping to gather some information from you. I was wondering where to get the mason jars on wholesale in all different sizes. I am using them as centerpieces, decorations for ceremony, desserts and drinks.

  2. Mariana says:

    OHHH Love the first photo idea with the Mason jars wrapped in lace. So neat idea. And also love the strip “effect” of the fruit and cream? not sure what they are but look AMAZING.

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