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Green, Yellow and White Wedding Inspiration

We love that so many brides look to incorporate the colours of nature into their wedding themes, so today we’ve decided to create a wedding inspiration board that celebrates the nature loving bride.


When it comes to the colours of nature, we can’t help but think of greens, yellows, and whites! Along with the inviting freshness of all three colours, whether individually or combined, the green/yellow/white theme brings an endless number of options for incorporating sophistication into your wedding theme.

We’re particularly taken with the bold combination of a bright lemon yellow and emerald green against bright white, but also love a soft buttery yellow with a delicate kiwi and ivory mix. A rich gold combined with shades of deep forest green and white is another elegant option any time of year.

We suggest combining different shades of both your yellows and greens for a chic but casual effect. If the purist in you wishes to stick to one shade of green and yellow, it will be more challenging to maintain the colour continuity, but the results will be striking and elegant.

{Bouquet and Flower girl via Wedding by Color; Bride via The Sweetest Occasion; Bridal Party Attire via Martha Stewart Weddings}

Yellow and Grey Wedding Inspiration

The combination of yellow and grey is just so sophisticated. We think it’s definitely a winner.


The fabulous thing about yellow and grey hues is that they can be easily incorporated into everything wedding related, from your wedding ensemble to your reception décor.

But we’re certainly not the only ones loving yellow and grey. The colour combination has even caught the attention of bridal designers like Vera Wang, who now design wedding dresses in these hues. That’s not all – the options for bridesmaids and groomsmen are just as varied as they are delightful, and easily adapted to everyone’s taste.

Whether you choose a wedding gown of grey, yellow, or white, there are plenty of options for working shades of yellow and grey into your personal bridal look. Think jewellery, an accent sash, the right floral touch in your hair or bouquet – these are all easy and fun ways to accessorize your look.

So what shades should you use? We love the idea of pairing a pale buttery yellow with a charcoal contrast. But, we’re just as enthusiastic over pairing a bright or pale yellow with lighter greys, pewters, and grey-blues.

This colour combination is one wedding inspiration that remains trendy, season after season.

{Couple via The Perfect Palette; Wedding cake via The Knot; Shoes via My Wedding; Yellow Dress via Glamour; Menu via Manolo Brides; Bouquet via Every Last Detail}

Blue and Gold Wedding Inspiration

Blue and gold may seem like an unusual colour combination for a wedding, but the richness of this palette will amaze.


We especially adore the mood that this palette creates, which is over the top and amazingly indulgent. Plus, this colour combination can be either subtle or strong.

You could decorate your reception and wedding details with a pale blue and embellish sparingly with gold accents or you could go for over the top opulence and incorporate a dark blue and everything from gold place settings to gold floral arrangements.

Either way, this colour combination has the wow factor, don’t you think?

{Wedding favor via Martha Stewart Weddings; Bride via Dior; Décor via Elizabeth Anne Designs; Flower girl via Etsy}

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