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Wedding Puzzle

There’s no need to be puzzled about your wedding guestbook anymore, because we’ve found the cutest guestbook wedding idea ever, the jigsaw puzzle guestbook!


These Custom-made wooden guestbook puzzles are personalized with names, figures, and dates. We love that this guestbook provides a fun activity for wedding guests {they get to write messages on puzzle pieces} and that it also doubles as a sentimental piece of art. Best part of all, these guestbook puzzles are super durable and will last as a family heirloom that can passed down from generation to generation.

These fun guestbook puzzles can be purchased via Bella Puzzles.

{Photos via Bella Puzzles}

iPhone Wedding Video {Maria + Aaron}

We love this amazing iPhone wedding idea…

Can’t afford a wedding videographer; why not just use your iPhone 4. Seriously.

This stunning vintage style wedding video was filmed with just an iPhone 4. Pretty amazing, right?

There was no re-touching, fancy filters or colour corrections down on the video either. It just involved a little vision, a steady hand, and the skills of the BridePOP crew and the Monachetti crew.

Music by: Amy Seeley

Marry Me Microsoft Challenge

Can Mike organise his entire wedding in just one week while locked away in a Bachelor Bubble? The verdict from the One Stylish Bride team is YES!

It’s currently day 4 of the “Marry Me Microsoft” challenge and today we entered the bubble to give Mike a few pointers. Not only did we give him a few pointers, but we also got to see his progress and the front running wedding dress. The front runner and all the details are looking sensational. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing wedding, fit for a princess called Jenny. Lucky girl.


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