DIY Wedding Cake Decorating

Our lovely friends over at have prepared this DIY tutorial for us. This tutorial is a small part of a DIY Wedding Cake Instruction Pack for a 3-tier rosette buttercake. The full pack includes the cake recipe, how to construct a 3-tier cake, and how to store and transport your cake.


  • Pre-prepared cake(s) that have already been iced with a thin layer of buttercream icing
  • Buttercream icing refrigerated the day before (you’ll need about 3 – 4 cups of icing for a 8″ round cake)
  • Wilton No. 4B open star decorating tip, Wilton large couple and a piping bag
  • Fabric scissors to trim your piping bags
  • Teaspoons for measuring icing and removing any mistakes
  • Baking paper for practicing your rosettes


  • Lay down some baking paper on a flat surface to practice rosettes.
  • Assemble your piping bag, nozzle and coupler (try this link if you need help).
  • Add 3 teaspooons icing into your piping bag and practice icing 3-4 cm diameter rosettes.

Tip: Start each rosette from the outside and work inwards.


  • Place cake(s) on a raised surface that you can work around (or turn) so it’s easy for you to decorate around the cake(s).
  • Add 3 heaped teaspoons of icing into your piping bag.
  • Start from the bottom edge of your cake and ice rosettes around the cake, one row at a time.
  • Work your way around the sides until they are covered with rosettes.


Tip: Don’t do more than 3 – 4 rosettes at a time to avoid air bubbles from popping your rosettes. Simply remove your rosette with a teaspoon if you make a mistake.


  • To decorate the top of your cake, start by icing rosettes around the outer edge and work your way towards the middle, one row at a time.


Tip: Fill in any gaps with a star shape and don’t be afraid to do some wonky rosettes to avoid gaps.


Notes for multi-tier cakes:

  • If you have multiple tiers, your cakes should be already constructed with dowel rods before you start.
  • To ice rosettes, start from the sides of the bottom tier and work your way up the tiered cakes, one row of rosettes at a time.
  • For a 3-tier cake, you can keep the top tier separate to assemble at the venue. If you do this, leave the top center area of your middle tier empty (where your top tier will go).


Need more help with how to bake, construct, store or transport your DIY wedding cake? Visit this link to get the complete instruction pack for this cake. Or visit to pick your own wedding cake size, flavours and design to get a custom instruction pack.

Questions about decorating your cake with buttercream rosettes? Leave your comments here and we’d love to help you out.

  1. Matilda Beezley says:

    Will have to pin this for my brides’ reference. Great tutorial!! Thanks. 🙂

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