Dippable Cupcakes

What’s better then cupcakes? Cupcakes with fondue! The combination sounds beyond delicious and was the brain child of Amanda Krueger {the owner and head-chef of Bake It Pretty}.

When we saw this sweet idea it sparked a light bulb moment and we thought why not incorporate this fondue idea with the wedding cupcake trend. Now that’s bound to be a wedding dessert hit, especially with the kiddies.

Below you’ll find the DIY instructions for these sugary treats.


Step 1: Make a batch of your favourite mini cupcakes. Allow cupcakes to cool completely before dipping.

Step 2: Make the fondue {which is code for “runny frosting”} by whisking together powdered sugar, orange juice, and corn syrup. Adjust the consistency with a drop of liquid or a dash more powdered sugar until you get a smooth/thick glaze. You can change the flavour and colour of the fondue by adding a different liquid portion i.e. instead of orange juice, you could add grape juice.

Step 3. Pour fondue into the fondue pot. Display sprinkles and toppings in small cups around the fondue pot. Skewer cupcakes in the side and dip the top half into the fondue, then flip the cupcake over and decorate with your choice of toppings. Note that there’s no need to heat the mixture, but you can keep a small tea light underneath just to add a little something something to the presentation.

Ingredients & Materials

-3 cups powdered sugar

-1/3 cup liquid (orange juice, fruit juice, milk, or water)

-2 tablespoons light corn syrup

-Miniature-size cupcakes in the flavour of your choice, cooled and unfrosted

-Assorted sprinkles, chopped nuts, and other toppings

For more details and pictures, head over to Pint Size Social.

{Images via Bake It Pretty & Pint Size Social}

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