Custom Bridal Shoes

Finding chic, matching, and comfortable bridal shoes is no easy task…especially given that most bridal shoes look like they were designed in 1994.

What’s up with that? We’re not exactly sure, but we’re super glad that Australian company Shoes of Prey have come on the bridal scene and are offering a solution.

With Shoes of Prey you can custom design your very own bridal shoes. You start by choosing the design from an assortment of basic styles, then the colours, the materials, the heel style and height, and most importantly any embellishments.

We love that Shoes of Prey individually hand make shoes to design specifications (even including the width of the shoes), as this results in original shoes that are also super comfortable.

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Shoes of Prey ship worldwide, have a 365 day return policy, and are priced from AUS $195 to $350.

{Images via Shoes of Prey}

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