Bridesmaid Dresses 101

Your wedding dress is the focal point of bridal fashion on the big day and the lovely bridesmaids should be adorned to complement you but not outshine ‘the’ dress.

Here’s our top 5 tips for picking your bridesmaids dresses.

Do Your Homework – You are the bride and while you care about your bridesmaids, dress choice is ultimately up to you. Look around for wedding inspiration pics to help narrow down the search and bring your vision to life. We recommend taking a shopping day with just your Maid of Honor and having her try on different styles. This will help determine what works best and inspire you to make a few selections.

Present 2-3 Opinions
– You want your girl’s opinions but {here’s the but} only when you present dress options, so try to limit it to just 2 or 3 bridesmaid dresses. This will keep them focused and getting to the chosen one will be much easier.

Respect Different Body Types
– Your maids are probably all different shapes and sizes and you don’t want to select a dress that is going to enhance their flaws.  It can be challenging to find a one style fits all but it is possible. If this proves to be a brutal challenge, pick a colour and let the girls have different dress styles. It’s fashionable, functional, and it looks chic.




Pick a Colour – By the time you get to selecting bridesmaid dresses, you should already have your wedding colours nailed down. Choose a color that complements your wedding dress and contrasts with the wedding flowers.

Fashionable but Functional with a Future – You know the old adage, ‘Ohhh and you can wear this dress again!’ Let me guess, it was a bright powder blue gown with puffy sleeves? These days your bridesmaids really can wear the dress again. If you are expecting them to pay for their own dress, it’s really important that they can find value in it.

This part of your engagement is supposed to be fun. Don’t take it too seriously and just savor the experience.

{Image 1 photographed by Sugar Love Weddings via bespoke letterpress boutique; Image 2 & 3 photographed by Todd Pellowe}

  1. Angela says:

    Hi, were in Brisbane can you get dresses like the images above? I love the rose and ruby designs but can’t find them online anywhere…. Please help 🙂

  2. Marcela says:

    Hi Angela, I loved Rosy and Ruby designs. Unfortunately they have closed down, which is such a shame. I would check out Lisa Ho and Alannah Hill, as they always have stunning dresses in pale colours.

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