December 2010

Hamptons High Tea With Collette Dinnigan

Aren’t these Australian wedding dresses just too pretty?

We always seem to get super smitten with Collette Dinnigan bridal collections and always find ourselves eagerly awaiting the next. The talented designer always hits the nail on the head.

For now we’re crazy in love with the Collette Dinnigan Hamptons High Tea Collection, which is packed with silver screen vintage glamour and lady-like styling.

The collection is all about sophisticated beauty and gorgeousness at its best.



{Images via Collette Dinnigan}

Picking a Wedding Theme and Styling

Picking a wedding theme early on in the wedding planning process is essential. This will ensure that your wedding styling has a clear direction and is cohesive.

Here are a few timeless wedding themes that will add a distinct and gush-worthy style to your wedding.

The Striped Wedding

Thick or thin stripes are elegant and stylish. When using the stripped theme, use a monochromatic colour scheme so that your decor doesn’t look too busy. You could incorporate the theme into your wedding invitations, place-cards and cake.

Just remember, don’t overuse stripes when styling or you may end up with some serious clashing.



The Love Heart Wedding

This wonderfully appropriate wedding theme is both romantic and adorable.

The best thing about using the heart theme is that it can be used in many different ways, from whimsical to elegant. Think heart shaped napkins, heart bridal shoes and heart cakes.

But, again take care not to overuse the heart monogram or your guests could end up feeling like it’s Valentine’s Day.



The Vintage Wedding

Vintage and old school nostalgia are back.

Think of incorporating antiques, old postcards, and vintage jewellery. You could even use an old typewriter as your guestbook – just have your guests type a lovely note to you.

This theme is classy and turns the old into new again.



The Monogram Wedding

Letters are chic, especially when you use the first letters of your names to create a monogram that can be incorporated into your wedding.

Printing your initials or monogram on a satin ribbon and using it to tie the wedding favors will add a personal touch. Also, you could incorporate your monogram on your wedding cake and wedding stationary.

When picking or designing your monogram, be mindful of selecting a font that can be coherent throughout the whole wedding.


The Motif Wedding

Motifs are always a perfect wedding theme and there are so many ways to use them. For instance, incorporate a motif into the wedding invitations, place-cards, and cake.

Motifs are simple, elegant and most certainly timeless.


Once you’ve picked your wedding theme, you can get working on the colours and the rest of the details. Hooray, your on your way!

{Striped cake, Striped dress, Heart invitation, Heart shoes, Vintage decor, Vintage typewriter, Monogram cake, Motifs invitations}

Silly Season

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you have a superb Christmas filled with overindulging, loads of presents, tonnes of love and even more joy.

Thank you for your love and support during 2010, we’re looking forward to an exciting 2011 jam-packed with delicious wedding inspiration.

{Card via The Spotted Olive}

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