How to Decorate a Destination Wedding

Packing the decorative items for a destination wedding doesn’t have to be a major chore. Today, we’re sharing wonderful destination wedding reception ideas and decorating advice.

After organising and packing your garments, accessories, and wedding favors, focus on the décor next. Delegate a separate bag or suitcase especially for the decorating pieces, so the table runners don’t get mixed up with your gown and the pom-poms aren’t lying beside your veil. Also, choose only those materials that are lightweight and pack flat, so that you don’t use up extra bags for them. Remember, extra baggage = extra effort and extra charges!

Here’s some wedding inspiration on five fabulous and affordable ways to pack your destination wedding décor:

1. Fabric table runners – pick a material that doesn’t need ironing, unless you want to be ironing (or looking for someone who wants to iron) when you arrive at your destination! Linen and burlap are not good choices because they wrinkle easily. But if you’re bent on using that cute burlap runner you bought online, go ahead—except you must roll, not fold.


2. Flags and bunting – these are very popular in weddings today. They’re really adorable and take up very little space when packed. But they tend to wrinkle easily especially if packed with heavier items. To make sure that they don’t get creases from the other articles in your suitcase, place the carefully folded flags or bunting in a large re-sealable bag or manila envelope before packing them with the other décor pieces.


3. Fabric chair slipcovers – ask the hotel or resort for their chair measurements to make sure that your slipcovers will fit. Bring only those that only go over the back (or only on the seat), because you will need a lot more room in your luggage if you opt for the ones that cover the whole chair. But hey, if you want to cover the entire chair, that’s fine, too! Again, consider wrinkle-free fabrics so that all you need to do is unpack and dress up the chairs.


4. Cardboard cupcake tower – Get cake boards and cake dummies from your local bakery or supermarket and decide how many tiers you’re going to have. Place the materials inside re-sealable bags to keep clean. Here’s a post from Cake Journal on how to assemble the tower when you’re at the hotel; don’t worry because it’s super easy! Although to save time, you might want to cover the boards with wrapping paper before packing.


5. Paper decorations, such as garlands and pom-poms – Make the garlands ahead of time. These are a bit time-consuming, so don’t think you can assemble them at the venue. Flat designs, such as leaves, are best for packing. Place them in a re-sealable bag or envelope, too, and make sure there are no creases. For the pom-poms, stack tissue paper, fold accordion-style, and secure middle with twine or wire. You can throw them all together in a plastic bag and fluff them up into full-fledged pom-poms just before hanging.


Finally, remember to check customs for the country we’re your hosting your soiree, as certain countries don’t allow certain items in. After all, it’s better to be safe then sorry.

{Burlap table runner via eab designs; bunting via Lovelorn Unicorn; slipcover via; cardboard cupcake tower via Cake Journal; leaf garland via Martha Stewart Weddings}

  1. Some great ideas! Main problem with destination Weddings is definitely the weight limit. So getting light weight fabric and rolling them will save the most space. Love flags and buntings, gives it that true festive feel, which a wedding is!

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