white wedding inspiration

White Wedding Inspiration

Having an all-white wedding is actually simpler – and more fun – than you think.

Gather all the white accessories and décor that you find prettiest, and voila! Just make sure to add texture to your theme, because darlings, that’s the secret to a purely white palette that’s anything but boring. It can mean having little ruffles on your wedding shoes, or wearing a distressed Lucite necklace like the one we found below. And if you think that too much white makes everything feel cold and isolated, you can, of course, have little splashes of color here and there. But if you want the elegance of the white to stand out, your accents must be in very soft baby pastel colors or super tamed down neutrals.

The intensity of the white is also an important thing to consider. Do you want a stark raving chalk white? Or how about soft white, the color of newly fallen snow? Whichever shade you choose, white in your wedding says this, “This is a day of peace and comfort, of new beginnings.”


{Table setting with invitation via Ray Kachatorian Photography; cake via The Cake Girls; desserts, liquor bar, and bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings; bride in vintage wedding dress via Bride Chic; shoes via Jess Tang’s Photo Stream; Lucite necklace via Marieflyfly; love sign via Vintage Amethyst}

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