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Cheery Wedding Stamps

Rubber stamps. I’m sure that for some, a rubber stamp reminds them of business. But for us, a rubber stamp reminds us of cheery wedding art.

That’s why we desperately want some of these Ann Marie Loves Paper stamps. They’re simply perfect for stamping all sorts of wedding stationery pieces.

The designer behind these stamps is Ann Marie, a self-confessed lover of paper. She says, “You could even say that I’ve built my life around it. When I’m not working at my dream job as a scrap booker/graphic designer, I am journaling, list-making, organizing, hoarding, crafting, and scrapbooking some more with – you guessed it – paper.”

This love of paper has manifested into a love of stamps.

Here are some of her lovely creations. She can also make custom stamps.










To have a peep at some more cheery stamps, click here.

DIY Moustache Stamps

Today we stumbled upon the most fantastic DIY wedding idea, the DIY wedding stamp!

We adore the wedding moustache trend and the idea of incorporating mini moustaches into ones wedding stationary wtih a moustache stamp. But where the heck does one get a moustache stamp? We have no idea, but we have found another solution, which is to make the stamp yourself. This DIY stamp project should only take a few minutes to complete, which we love. Below are the easy steps.

Step 1:

Draw a simple moustache on your eraser with a pencil. If your not a fan of moustaches, you an draw something else i.e. lips, love birds, a wedding monogram {anything really}.


Step 2:

Take your knife and trace around the picture. Depth should be about 1/8 of an inch.


Step 3:

Cut in from the edges of the eraser, clearing away the parts around the moustache picture.


And that’s it folks, your now ready to get stamping!




-X-Acto knife

-A stamp pad,


{Photos by Lovely Indeed}

For more details and pictures on this clever project, head over to the Sweetest Occasion.

Pretty custom calligraphy stamps…

Wedding ideas: wedding stamps…



If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wedding stationary, these custom calligraphy rubber stamps are a must have {your address is written in beautiful calligraphy and then turned into a graphic for your wedding stamp}. I love them…they’re fabulous for wedding invitations, letters, books, and luggage tags! Very pretty indeed. To see more of these stamps, head over to primele.

{Above images via primele}

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