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Top 10 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

Honey, honey, quite contrary – where would you like to go?

Oh, the dilemma of searching for that perfect honeymoon destination! There are so many things to consider when asking this question. To help you out, we’ve picked 10 unusual places that will surely cater to all types of couples – from those who want to just laze around at the beach all day, to those eager for a trek in the mountains or a shopping spree at a spice market.

1. Islamorada, Florida – A chain of islands surrounded by the cool, blue waters of the Florida Keys, and known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World.

Your itinerary: Dive head-first into adventure with some world-class fishing, then go snorkeling or diving to witness the unbelievably diverse tropical marine life. Feast on fresh, succulent seafood at a dockside fish house, and take it slow with a couple’s massage amid the salty ocean air and scent of tropical fruits. Enjoy the warm island evening with beachfront cocktails and a live band.

When to go: Your best bet is May to June and mid-November to mid-December, since these are the tail ends of the hurricane season. There will be some rain, but you’ll find the weather milder and the rates lower.


2. Quebec, Canada – Reminiscent of a French coastal province, the vibe in this east-central Canadian region is as romantic as any in Europe. Magnifique!

Your itinerary: In summer or fall, explore the cobblestone streets and fortified walls of Quebec City or take a whale-watching cruise along the breathtaking Saguenay Fjord. In winter, ski the slopes of Mont-Tremblant or have a drink at the ice bar of the Hotel De Glace. Don’t forget to sample the local wines and cheeses, and the innovative cuisine featuring venison, quail, and caribou.

When to go: February weekends are busy with the big winter Carnaval. From March to April, rates are lower and the summer weather is pleasantly warm. Autumn is simply grand from October to November, and will give you the best bargain rates.


3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Touted as The Shopping Capital of the Middle East, this ever-expanding global city also boasts the most modern architectural structures in the world.

Your itinerary: Choose from more than 200 luxury brands at the Mall of the Emirates or walk around in the intoxicating air of the Deira Covered Souk with its lively bustle of spice shops and textile stalls. Next, head to downtown Dubai to marvel at the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). Although hotel dining standards are excellent, you can also get cheap and delicious street food outside of the hotel setting.

When to go: October to May is peak season, with hotels filling up for the Dubai Shopping Festival in February and the Dubai World Cup in March. From mid-May to mid-October, the summer heat is a little less bearable and therefore the rates are lower. Also consider if you would like to go during Ramadan, when most restaurants don’t open until nighttime and bars and clubs are closed the whole time.


4. Uluru, Australia – listed as a World Heritage Site and also known as The Ayers Rock, nothing prepares you for this colossal wonder until you see it yourself.

Your itinerary: You must catch both sunrise and sunset during your trip, for both offer starkly different yet stunning views of the rock. Hop on a camel, a Harley, or into a helicopter to explore the spectacle from different points. At night, take your pick at the barbecue buffet with kangaroo, emu, or crocodile at the Sounds of Silence Restaurant. Top it all off with an evening tour of the southern sky with a resident star talker.

When to go: Summer is the busiest time of the year (Dec, Jan, Feb), so it’s best to go either in spring or autumn. Also, the weather is cooler and less humid.


5. Sapa, Vietnam – One of the most beautiful regions of North Vietnam, the unspoiled forests of this mountain town is home to several ethnic tribes.

Your itinerary: If you both are truly adventurous, scale the peaks of Fansipan Mountain, or “The Roof of Indochina,” an area 3,413 above sea level. Or take a more leisurely trek in the woods and see this area’s amazing collection of wildflowers found nowhere else in Vietnam. Then, walk among the clouds along the majestic rice terraces and cascading waterfalls. Get your grub at the nearby food market (try the charcoal-grilled sweet potatoes and corn on the cob).

When to go: From November to April, the winter weather is cool and dry. Summer is from May to October when it is hot and humid with heavy rains. For lower rates, book around Christmas or Tet (Lunar New Year) in February.


6. Carate, Costa Rica – Covered in lush, pristine rainforests, this secluded town is where Pre-Columbian peoples once lived.

Your itinerary: Go orca-watching in the early morning hours. If it’s egg-laying season, see the turtles deposit their eggs on the beach, and then, take a hike inside the jungle. Watch squirrel monkeys and sloths moving in the treetops, tapirs walking by, and a host of colorful birds flying overhead. You may even be able to spot a jaguar or two. Experience dining on organic food grown in the area and eat only the freshest fruit, right as you pluck it off the tree.

When to go: The rainy season is between May and November, and is a good time to get the best hotel deals in an already affordable country. It will rain more often, of course, but it usually starts in the afternoon and stops by nightfall.


7. Queenstown, New Zealand – This alpine and lake resort town overlooks the sparkling waters of Lake Wakatipu and has the snowcapped Remarkables Range as a majestic backdrop.

Your itinerary: There are so many adrenaline-pumping activities to do here – from bungee jumping to skydiving, skiing, and jet-boarding, among just a few. After you get your blood going, relax and dine al fresco in the summer or in front of a roaring fireplace in winter. Take a romantic evening stroll along the streets fronting the lake or ride the Skyline Gondola to get one of the best views of the town from atop Bob’s Peak.

When to go: A party town during peak season, it is best to consider staying just out-of-town for some restful sleep. April, May, and November are relatively calm months and are great for low rates.


8. Hong Kong, China – Has arguably one of the finest city skylines in the world, which is fantastic by day, but really comes alive at night.

Your itinerary: Take the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) train, just a stone’s throw away from the airport, to Hong Kong Island. Travel up to The Peak and be inspired by the city skyline, Victoria Harbour, Kowloon, and surrounding hillsides. Then, visit the Giant Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery. Don’t miss the Symphony of Lights aboard an evening ferry with more than 40 Hong Kong skyscrapers in a dazzling multimedia display.

When to go: In summer, from June to August, rates drop but the weather is hot and humid. In winter, from December to mid-January, the rates are at their lowest and it is comfortably cool all around.


9. La Rioja, Spain – One of Spain’s most famous wine-producing regions, and a very fertile area as well because of the seven major rivers that run through it.

Your itinerary: Wake up right before the crack of dawn and take in the beautiful scenery in a hot air balloon as the sun rises. Go horseback-riding and then play a round of golf at Navarrete. You may also go canoeing and simply choose from the many rivers that flow through the area. Get locally handcrafted souvenirs, such as patchwork quilts, painted silks, or ceramic trinkets. End your evening with native exotic fare: tripe, pigs’ trotters, and snails.

When to go: Early fall, around September, is grape harvest time and perfect for wine buffs. This is also the off-peak season, so take advantage as the weather worsens in winter and it can be hot and crowded throughout summer.


10. Algarve, Portugal – This small region in Southern Portugal has the best of both worlds – fine sandy beaches and countryside charm.

Your itinerary: Drive up to the top of Foia Mountain, and see spectacular panoramic views of the town below on a clear day. Go shopping among the many tourist shops and markets at Portimao, and then take a break at the shaded squares and just watch the people passing by. Life is slow here, and everyone takes their own sweet time. After that, you can run to the beach for a day of swimming and relaxing together.

When to go: Peak season is from June to September, with tourists usually flocking during holidays and weekends. November to March is essentially winter and is good for low rates and avoiding crowds of holidaymakers.


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