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Turtle Love Company 23.01.2012

The company name ‘Turtle Love Company’ says it all, even in acronym. TLC – get it!

We recently discovered Turtle Love Company and we have to say that we were instantly smitten. They’re a mindful retailer of artisan jewellery, with all pieces designed by independent artists and handcrafted in ways that are attentive towards our planet and its people. We love that this company puts TLC (tender loving care) into everything they do!

We know that when the majority of people think of engagement rings and wedding bands that they don’t normally think of artisan-crafted jewellery. Yet, Turtle Love Company offers a wide range of casual handcrafted rings and jewellery, all beautiful and unique, their engagement and wedding rings might just surprise you.

Here are a few of our favourites:

River Rocks Diamond Ring – Handcrafted by Adel Chefridi, the Unity Diamond Wedding Ring is made of satin finish 18k gold set with multiple 3.5mm diamonds. Each diamond dazzles on its own from its perch in solid gold, but together they form a complete and balanced whole celebrating the beauty of a harmonious union.


Synergy Diamond Ring – The playing of two different musical themes often creates something more meaningful and powerful than just the melodies: a song. The Synergy Diamond Ring by Laura Serrafero symbolizes the union that is greater, through the bond of love, than the sum of its individual parts. This uncomplicated yet elegant ring is handcrafted using 14k satin-finish gold and a conflict free 2mm diamond.


Sapphire Stackable Engagement Rings – These heavenly engagement rings are crafted with satin-finish 18k gold by Adel Chefridi. The 4mm blue sapphire, exquisite in depth and brilliance, is bezel-set atop a 3mm band, and is made to stack with the Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring.


Dryad Three Black Diamond Engagement Ring – The Dryad Three Black Diamond Engagement Ring is made using recycled sterling silver and conflict-free diamonds, and it is handcrafted by Heather Perry. The three black diamonds shine out from the band like windows into the spirit of a tree, and the marked band reflects the beautiful imperfection of the natural world.


Delicate Nest Diamond Engagement Ring Set – This gorgeous engagement ring is handcafted by Michele Scholnick. The 5.5mm sterling silver “nest” cups a 1.75mm conflict-free diamond. The precious metal, gleaming with a delicate brushed finish, gorgeously compliments the brilliant sparkle of the SI2 quality, GH colour diamond.


Gold Diamond Wedding Band- This sublime diamond band is crafted by Adel Chefridi. The lush satin-finish 18k gold is a beautiful background for the bright diamonds, arranged in a geometrical pattern around the 3mm band.


Turtle Love Company engagement and wedding rings come in a range of styles and prices to suit every couple. Plus, their selection of seriously breathtaking wedding jewellery is all conflict-free and hand-crafted.

Turtle Love Company ships to the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. For further details, click here.

{Images via Turtle Love Company}

Gemvara Wedding Jewellery 20.01.2012

Lets play a little word association! Think of “wedding jewellery” and we bet you’ll instantly think of engagement rings. Now we’ll think of “engagement rings” and we instantly think of Gemvara.

Who’s Gemvara? Gemvara is a jeweller, but not your run-of-the-mill traditional jeweller. They have the crazy idea that you deserve jewellery that’s uniquely you. That’s made only for you. Only when you create it. So you design it. You give it meaning.

Here’s a few of our favourite Gemvara engagement rings. You’ll notice that coloured stones are currently all the rage:

The Annabelle Ring – Cushion Aquamarine 14K White Gold Ring with Diamonds


Arpeggio Ring – Round Diamond Platinum Ring with Blue Sapphires


Reese Ring – Emerald-Cut Emerald 14K White Gold Ring with Diamonds


Of course, choosing your wedding jewellery doesn’t end with the engagement ring. It actually only begins, but don’t worry because Gemvara has you covered. They have some breathtaking and customisable necklaces and earrings that will make you drool.

Here’s a few of our favourite Gemvara wedding accessories:

Brilliant Petite Oval Pendant – Oval Aquamarine Sterling Silver Necklace with White Sapphire


Margarita Earrings – Round Emerald 14K White Gold Earrings with Diamonds


Gemvara has also just designed a new “Naked Gem” collection, which is as sexy as it sounds. The collection has an assortment of bold, eye-catching pendants, earrings, and rings. Designed by Gemvara’s V.P. of Brand Marketing Corinne Grousbeck, the “Naked Gem” collection pieces can also be customised with your choice of 26 gems and eight precious metals. Gotta love that.

{Images via Gemvara}

Crazy For Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings 17.11.2011

Haven’t you noticed? Some of the hottest celebrities today—think Kate Middleton, Penelope Cruz, and Elizabeth Hurley—have gotten blue sapphire engagement rings from their beaus. Are we seeing a trend here? Let’s look closer at the wedding jewellery of these stars and the different elegant styles they come in.

A present from Princess Diana


Representing the once-starry-eyed engagement of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the 28-year-old ring was a gift of love to her sons, and was then passed on to Kate. More than the design, the story behind the ring is the very thing that captures the world’s attention. It’s the promise of a fairytale wedding and a blissful royal life together.

A love so true



Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem started dating in 2007, and three years later, he proposed to her with a three-carat blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Today, the pair have a baby son, Leo, whom they dote upon and shower with love.

Lovelier the second time around


Both actress Elizabeth Hurley and former Australian cricket player Shane Warne had been divorced before, and are now in love with each other and engaged to be married. He proposed to her over dinner in Scotland with a nine-carat blue sapphire ring set between two diamonds.

Here are some options and wedding ideas for a blue sapphire engagement ring:


1 – Brilliant cut set in white gold

2 – Oval cut set in yellow gold

3 – Cushion cut set in white gold

4 – Emerald cut set in white gold

Sapphires have long symbolized truth, faithfulness, and sincerity, making it the perfect gem for a wonderful marriage to come.

{Duchess Kate’s image via Free New Fashion Design; Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s image via Zimbio; Penelope Cruz ring image via Ring Envy; Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne’s image via Unique Fashion Jewelry; Four blue sapphire rings via The Natural Saphhire Company}

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