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Black and White Wedding Inspiration

A black and white wedding theme can evoke mystery, sensuality, and sophistication all at once. Black is serious – seriously cool, baby – and white is ultimate purity. Put them together and you get an explosive color combo on your hands.

A splash of soft color here and there can keep everything from appearing too somber, and don’t forget that black and white go well with mostly everything. Why not incorporate touches of lavender, pink, sea green, or saffron to balance out the stiffness?

But if you want to go all-out with the formal feel, you can add some décor in silver or gray, red, or gold. For a fresh, happy change, you can also opt for bright and cheery flowers.


{Place cards, cake, wedding bouquet, wedding sign, and guestbook via Black and White Weddings; bridal party via Lauren Grabelle Photography; wedding invitation via VP Gifts; groom and bride shoes via Helen Carter Weddings; flower arrangement via Muddy Brushes}

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