Ivory, Green, and Cream Wedding Inspiration

This particular colour combination speaks volumes without saying a word —with ivory’s milky opalescence as the main color, soft and unsaturated sage green as an accent, and cream as a warmer, richer support. Ivory, green, and cream all calm the nerves and ease pre-wedding jitters, while giving an air of understated and relaxed elegance.


If you would like to veer away from the bright and sometimes harsh pure white, ivory and cream are great options. These two colours are often confused with one another; the thing to remember is that both are darker than white, but that ivory is lighter than cream. The color of elephant tusks, ivory has just a little bit of yellow and a smidgen of black that gives it its off-white shading. Cream, however, has more yellow and black and is the colour of the fatty, yellowish substance that rises to top of unhomogenized milk.

It’s hard to go wrong with an ivory, green, and cream palette. Just remember to keep the green muted and gentle—mint, grass, fir, and even olive can work. Also, too much green might overwhelm the ivory and cream, so don’t go overboard. There’s nothing wrong with a green wedding dress, of course, if you so choose it. But with this palette, green shoes are far better than a green dress. Think of the ivory and cream as your canvas, and of green as your paint. Use different shades of green, but stay on the softer side.

{Bride via Wedding Ready; table setting via Dream Irish Wedding; milk bottle via Anthropologie; cake via Bella Weddings & Events; mirror via Antiques to Jewelry; invitation via Zazzle; feather pen via Wedding By Color; shoe via Green Wedding Shoes; bottle on grass via Stacey Hedman Photography}

  1. I love the cake in this inspiration board, the colour and shape is amazing.

  2. I LOVE the fresh look of green with cream and ivory – the colour combination is simple but so effective… DIVINE!

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