I’ll take my cupcake in a jar, thanks…28.06.2010

Wedding favors…





I’ve always loved cupcake wedding favors and just when I thought my cupcake love couldn’t deepen, I found the most charming cupcake in a jar homemade wedding favors. I’m swooning over these, as they’re just so visually gorgeous and made out of irresistible red velvet.

I also love the fact that they appear to be relatively easy to make, even for a novice in the kitchen. You can also easily turn these favors into personalized wedding favors by changing the flavor and labels. For the delicious recipe and instructions head over to cakies blog.

{Images via cakies blog}

  1. Oh my goodness! This is fantastic, although now I’m hungry for a cupcake :)

  2. […] Abbiamo un cupcake al vetro. E’ un’idea carinissima per servire la torta, ma poco pratica. Ve la concedo, se proprio le dovete fare, per una bomboniera. Qui c’è anche un tutorial per farle uguali uguali. […]

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