Guest Post: Rings For The Modern Man

Picking the grooms ring, is made easy with the help of Jewelry designer Claudia of Claudia Endler Designs….

Grooms are getting in on the wedding ring action too.

What’s hot in ring trends for men? Men are going for the unique, sleek and stylish rings made of Mokume-Gane, steel and titanium. Even though, Mokume-Gane goes back to 17th century Japan, the traditional wood and grain effect has endured. I love that similar to the grains in actual wood, Mokume-Gane is also highly unique. This type of ring is definitely ideal for the rugged and outdoorsy man.


(Above images via Andrew Nyce Designs)

If you think the wood grain is not modern enough, why not go for titanium, steel, platinum, iron, brass, bronze, nickel or silver….to name a few.



{Above images via Mens-Wedding-Rings)

If your man has a love for the industrial, then steel and titanium are the way to go. I have found many men fancy steel and titanium. It must have to do with the “man of steel” idea! Steel and titanium seem to symbolize strength, resilience, durability and power. These great metal alternatives are also edgy, sleek, cost-conscious, and technologically advanced {they are actually very lightweight}.

So whether your man is the burly adventurer or more of the metrosexual city dweller, traditional or modern, there is definitely something for him. Spoil him with bling, sparkle or color!

Author Claudia Endler.

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