Gemvara Wedding Jewellery

Lets play a little word association! Think of “wedding jewellery” and we bet you’ll instantly think of engagement rings. Now we’ll think of “engagement rings” and we instantly think of Gemvara.

Who’s Gemvara? Gemvara is a jeweller, but not your run-of-the-mill traditional jeweller. They have the crazy idea that you deserve jewellery that’s uniquely you. That’s made only for you. Only when you create it. So you design it. You give it meaning.

Here’s a few of our favourite Gemvara engagement rings. You’ll notice that coloured stones are currently all the rage:

The Annabelle Ring – Cushion Aquamarine 14K White Gold Ring with Diamonds


Arpeggio Ring – Round Diamond Platinum Ring with Blue Sapphires


Reese Ring – Emerald-Cut Emerald 14K White Gold Ring with Diamonds


Of course, choosing your wedding jewellery doesn’t end with the engagement ring. It actually only begins, but don’t worry because Gemvara has you covered. They have some breathtaking and customisable necklaces and earrings that will make you drool.

Here’s a few of our favourite Gemvara wedding accessories:

Brilliant Petite Oval Pendant – Oval Aquamarine Sterling Silver Necklace with White Sapphire


Margarita Earrings – Round Emerald 14K White Gold Earrings with Diamonds


Gemvara has also just designed a new “Naked Gem” collection, which is as sexy as it sounds. The collection has an assortment of bold, eye-catching pendants, earrings, and rings. Designed by Gemvara’s V.P. of Brand Marketing Corinne Grousbeck, the “Naked Gem” collection pieces can also be customised with your choice of 26 gems and eight precious metals. Gotta love that.

{Images via Gemvara}

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