Dainty Wedding Rings

Sometimes, simple is best.

It may be about the budget (you’d rather spend money on a good mattress) or not buying into the bling (because understated elegance is really you), or both. Whatever the reason, more women today are choosing simple wedding rings over the traditional stone-studded elaborate ones, and maybe it’s time you seriously considered this, too.

We’ve picked the simplest, loveliest wedding jewellery around for your big day. These are unpretentious, yet sweet enough to eternally symbolise your love for each other.


1. Dainty Diamond Band from Blanca Monros Gomez

2. Amalia 2 Hammered Rings (Set of 3) from Fay Andrada

3. Yayoi Forest Hard-Hammered Wedding Band from Catbird

4. Loved Ring from St. Kilda

5. Petra Solid Brass on Sterling Silver Band from Fay Andrada

6. Narrow Half-Round Band from Catbird

{First image via Blanca Monros Gomez; second and fifth images via Fay Andrada; third and sixth images via Catbird; fourth image via St. Kilda}

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