Top Australian Weddng Dresses

Below you’ll find our latest Australian wedding dress finds, which we love.

Our favourite is the Mark Holt Bridal Couture dress. It’s backless, slinky, and massively chic. We love this dress so much that we decided to give some extra love to Mark Holt bridal.

Here’s the Mark Holt Bridal story that not many people know. The brand was established in Double Bay in 1996 and purchased by Penny in 1998. Penny’s unique style and high quality workmanship quickly established the Mark Holt Bridal label as a leader in the wedding industry.

Penny’s signature style works closely to the body to enhance the curves of the female form and create stunning lines. She drapes and moulds gorgeous silks to create flattering silhouettes. She also incorporates intricate handmade details to the wedding dresses like handmade flowers, rushing and the highest quality hand beading. We love her designs, her craftsmanship, and the wonderful brand she established.


Above: Rhonda Hemmingway Couture dress AU $5995


Above: Johanna Johnson dress, AU $4500 (including headband)


Above: Mark Holt Bridal Couture dress, AU $3950.


Above: Karen Willis Holmes Ready to Wear dress, AU $1789

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